Integrating Microsoft Teams into Asana workflow

Hello fellow Asana users.

We’re undertaking a review of how utilising the Microsoft Teams and Asana integration might optimise our customer management workflows, remove reliance on email and establishes Asana as the single source of truth for workflow and customer management.

We supply commercial radio advertising auditing services to Media agencies, and liaise extensively with Media, Advertising and Creative agencies to obtain copies of files and briefing material required to undertake the auditing and deliver the subsequent reports. Many of the agencies we work with seem to use Teams to converse internally and to a lesser extent with their clients and suppliers.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been playing around with the Teams/Asana integration and can see there are a number of ways in which can improve the way we engage with our clients. We’ve also quickly identified the limitations of the current Teams/Asana integration, particularly where moving files from Teams to Asana is concerned and replying to comments in Teams that originated in Asana.

I’m really keen to make contact with any other users that have either successfully employed the Teams/Asana integration in their workflow, or who have employed and abandoned the integration. Conversely, I’m happy to share our experience as we move through our testing.