Installing two Desktop apps on one machine (Mac and Windows)

This is a tip for the small number of people who are using virtual machines.

I use a Mac computer and I install Windows OS on it, as a virtual machine through Parallels Desktop. Two OSes work simultaneously and I can seamlessly jump from one OS to the other.

I installed Asana Mac App a while ago, and I tried installing Asana Windows App today.
I had a little trouble logging into the Windows App, and I resolved the issue by temporarily unistalling the Mac App.

Here’s the details:

  1. I entered the email address and I clicked “Sign in to Asana” on the Windows App. The Windows App opens the default browser on Windows (in my case Chrome)
  2. I entered the password and clicked “Log in” on Windows browser
  3. The browser tries to open the Mac App, not the Windows App
  4. So I couldn’t sign into the Windows App

After unistalling the Mac App, and restarting the computer (both Mac and Windows), I was able to log into the Windows App. After that, I reinstalled the Mac App.

I hope this helps someone rare who is experiencing the same problem.


That’s really bizarre! But good job on figuring it out and thanks for posting this info! I also use that environment on one of my machines; hadn’t tried installing the desktop app there yet but now I will be able to avoid this issue.


Thanks for sharing this tip, @ShunS! :star:

Thank you @Prompthelp for the tips!
I’m not sure if that feature directly relates to this topic, but I agree with you that it’s helpful to know and use the spaces. Personally, I use an external monitor and that’s helpful too.