Pop out windows for multitasking

With asana becoming my one source of truth, I’m quickly finding that, while working on one task, I need information from another task(s). Currently, using the Mac app, I have to close the current task and navigate to the other task to get the info, then navigate back to the original task in order to continue my work.

It’d be great if there was a function that allowed users to create multiple pop-out windows using the Mac app (not the browser). That way I could have several tasks open in different windows at one time.

Mac OS 13.4 (22F66)
Mac app - Asana Version 1.15.0 (1.15.0)

Hi @David_Wilder , I’m not sure about the Mac desktop app, but as a Windows user, I know that you can open another instance of the desktop app (by right clicking anything clickable, like a project and selecting ‘Open in new tab’), similar to opening another tab in your browser so you can easily switch between two windows, or place them side by side on your screen or on two screens if that’s your setup. Can you try that with the Mac desktop app?

You know how sometimes, the answer is staring you right in the face? Yep - one of those times. Thanks!

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Gald to help :slight_smile: