Ability to pop out a task

Hello! I’m a relatively new user to Asana and a huge fan. Would like the ability to pop out a task from the right pane to a separate window. (Using the desktop app.) That way I can re-size the task window, so I can see more text/comments at a glance without scrolling, or position the window in a corner of my desktop so I can see it while working in parallel. Thanks for offering a forum for feedback!

Hey @Holly.Caliri, thanks so much for your feedback and for taking the time to provide us with some extra information on why this would be a helpful improvement for you!

Hi @holly
In the webapp this you can firstly make a tasks full screen By clicking on the Task Options there is also a shortcut to so this as well which I can remember… You can also right mouse click on the taka and open it in a New Window rather than a tab.


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Tab-X for full screen view of the Task.


I’d like the ability to pop out a task so that I can jump around and view other tasks in other projects without losing the task I am working on or needing to toggle between multiple browser tabs.