Inline quoting of comments

Some time ago there was this topic that requested the ability to quote comments.

Unfortunately, the feature that was presented as the solution is not really such, since linking to is not the same as quoting.

Please, consider implementing real quoting like the one that Github has. This consists of two pieces, which should not require much effort to implement:

  • Ability to highlight certain text using the > prefix

just like this, which works here but not in the ASANA app

  • Ability to select some text from a previous comment and then click a “quote in reply” context action which would copy that text and paste it in the current comment box prefixed with the corresponding >

Yes. This is a simple, important feature that I miss every day. It’s the sort of thing that makes me reluctant to recommend Asana, in spite of its virtues.

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Agree, it is very difficult to have substantive discussion without these basic features

Yes yes yes! This is definitely something we need. Also trying to bump the conversation to keep it up with the times.