Ability to "Quote" a teammate's comment

Yes. Hitting hard walls that again leave us really needing to consider abandoning asana. The last thing I want is to have to make things more convoluted and messy by adding in slack for conversations. It’s hard enough to get average team members to be strategic in how they collaborate. People will always do what gets things done now, quickest… which means everything is a mess in the long term and fragmented. As asana currently is… it’s leaving us in a situation where we will recreate as much, if not more, overhead and risks of communication siloing that it was implemented to to help avoid.

Asana really needs to have its own RICH chat features for real time communication. The project management and scheduling just become performative bs for a text book manager if it requires a bunch of manual reading and gluing together things to paint a picture (that we all know is never reality - but pretty for executives etc to feel everything is solid and make knee jerk decisions off what they see).