Markdown or additional formatting in task comments

Is there any way to enable markdown formatting in comments? Or is there any way to indent or use blockquote or quote a previous reply - anything at all that can help with this?

Hi @zigojacko, you can copy another comment link if you would like to reference this in your reply.

Simply click the dropdown arrow next to the comment.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 09.32.44

I hope this helps!

No, sorry but this isn’t very good.


  1. Copying the comment link literally just allows the pasting of a anchor to the comment you are referencing which when clicked on, just highlights briefly the relevant comment. The anchor text isn’t even clear so this would be largely useless on a task with a lot of comments.

  2. And that’s just for referencing a previous comment. If I want to paste a quote from a client/customer or something, how are we supposed to do this?

Markdown support is generally pretty standard these days so it’s surprising that Asana doesn’t support basic formatting such as…

As blockquote like this!

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