⚠ Increase limit of 20 Portfolios for Advanced tier (Legacy Business)

I agree with @Bastien_Siebman and @timstringer

This banner is unclear, and as such it will scare and confuse paying customers.

If the grace period for > 20 portfolios remains as we’ve all been told, then it should be stated in such a banner.

If it hasn’t, this should be communicated to all of us and stated clearly in the banner.




Constructive Feedback

If Advanced plan is per seat plan, there should be per seat limits in the organization and no Organization-wide limits.


Per-Organization limits makes feature unusable and turns them into “preview” to force switch to next pricing tier (Enterprise) since it effectively removes it from tier (due VERY small per-user limits).

We had Dashboards removed from Premium plan in late 2018 already to have essentially the same feature (branded Portfolios) up-sold within the twice expensive Business plan. Asana needed to start making money then.

5 years later we are being played the same game again. We are up-sold to Enterprise with Organization-wide Portfolio limitation ;).

Asana learned the 2018 lessons and changes are introduced with elegance:

  1. Change does not touch anyone at legacy Business tier (no bad publicity from existing user base).
  2. Business tier users are gently pushed into Advanced tier with AI features.
  3. New limitations are soft.
  4. 20 portfolios limit can be potentially adjusted.
  5. Asana Sales team is open to feedback.
  6. Ruthless visual feedback shown to ordinary users is prominent enough to nudge every billing owner to contact Asana Sales with their story.
  7. 1+ year grace period provides enough time to hear relevant feedback.
  8. 2024 promises to be significant source of Portfolio-connected Enterprise features to amplify Enterprise upgrade value. See Introducing capacity planning in Asana! :wink:

Well done! Bravo Asana Sales Team!


Yes, if limits apply it should be per seat, not per instance.

Otherwise you get less value with every seat you purchase.

What Asana is doing now is changing the rules while playing the game.

If you want people to switch to a higher tier make it more valuable. Not squeeze the value and scalability out of the existing tiers.


Totally agree, @Jan-Rienk . Changing the rules mid-game doesn’t get my support, I’m afraid.

I feel the features that Enterprise tiers have to offer are attractive enough without the need to set limits on lower tiers to force existing customers to upgrade.

An alternative option to the hard limit set on Portfolios, could be for Asana to increase the limit per month/quarter/year. So let’s say, if customers use one portfolio per client, that number could grow as your business grows…

What do we all think of that option? :person_shrugging:

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Seems to convoluted if I’m honest.

On a side note, as I also work self-employed I’m now paying for two seats since that’s the minimum and I want at least the business functionality. I’d pay for a single enterprise seat if I could. Now I think I’ll move away from Asana.

If Asana wants to sell more Enterprise licenses I’d say start allowing single seat power-users to use them. A lot of big companies started with just one person in their garage.

I can imagine this move will trigger more people to consider alternatives.

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What do you mean?

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Less value per purchased seat…EXACTLY!! We started with Asana last fall with 10 seats on the Business plan. Quickly scaled up to 80 as of today, advocating for Asana adoption with our colleagues. Rethinking our decision now…getting the ol’ bait and switch feels here.


I wanted to add my support here as our org is now noticing the portfolio limitation in the new plans. It’s a bad look to offer unlimited portfolios for a given plan, and then put a ridiculously low limit on the portfolios.

I would rather have nice-to-haves like gen AI left to Enterprise, with essential / basic functionality like Portfolios left unrestricted.

I agree with the middle ground proposed solution offered by others here, where limits are tied to number of seats, instead of hard-set at the org level.

Edit: Or give us the ability to buy additional Portfolios as an add-on.


Hi everybody!
We are about to move from legacy business to the advanced tier, but we are still stuck with the portfolio limitation to move forward.
Is there any news about Asana considering this vote any time soon?

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Asana doesn’t communicate until things are official, so we have to wait…


If this can’t be increased, it should at least be manageable.

Asana forces every user entering the Portfolios menu for the first time to create a new portfolio and leaves this waste unchecked.
And if someone creates a private portfolio and forgets about it, even super admins can’t see it, so I lose my wasted limits.


I believe in that case support will be able to help. When they’ll have enough of those support requests, they’ll do something I guess :sweat_smile:


I’m staying on legacy as long as I can to avoid wasting time on dealing with 20xPortfolio limit. AI features are of too little value yet for me. Next generation Generative AI models are necessary to make that feature usable enough.



As of today, Asana is increasing the limit of Portfolios for the Advanced tier from 20 to 100! :tada:

A big thank you to the Asana team for taking into account everyone’s voices and posts on this thread. :heart:

PS: no, this is not a late April Fool’s joke!


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