About Dashboard deprecation

As some of you might already know, we will be removing Dashboards for all our users on December 1st. I’m aware this will impact some of your workflows and wanted to give you some details to make this change as smooth as possible.

There are a couple of main reasons that we’ve decided to retire Dashboards. The first is that this change is part of a larger navigation update we’re making in Asana; you’ll continue to be able to easily access your favorite Projects and see project status updates, you’ll just access this information a bit differently. In the coming months (and before Dashboards are retired) we’ll be releasing both our new Homepage and Portfolios feature.

On a more technical note, Dashboards were an early feature in Asana and were built on a framework that we no longer work with (learn more here). Knowing that we needed to rebuild this feature on our new framework, we chose to take the opportunity to create Portfolios; a feature inspired by Dashboards, but with much more powerful features.

We know change can be hard, and we want to make sure to assist you during this transition. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team who will help you find the best option for you and your team.


I normally use Dashboard to go through all project I’m manage how each one is doing. And use dashboard as a one place to update status for all project.

I received an email say that dashboard will be gone on 1st December.

Can you please advise me how to manage all project at the same time? Or should I need to go to “Progress” tab in every project


Just saw this “notice” today as well. First of all, why are we not simply adding said new features to the Home tab, but keeping the option for using the Dashboard as it stands?

There are thousands of users who use (and prefer!) the way the dashboard tab is setup, and the migration to the home tab does not give the same function or experience as what’s available in the Dashboard.

Secondly - addressing the idea of using the Recent Projects drop area as a “solution” to add frequently used projects is frankly pretty lame. First of all it states you cannot remove anything from the recent projects area/drop down (really? since that function already exists to remove recent items… we’re going to take that away?)… and further implies the remedy is to click around on multiple projects to reorder or repopulate that area… This is horrible horrible ux. The whole idea of optimization and this platform is to SAVE time. NOT ADD MORE TIME and clunkyness to the system.

I.E. - If you are part of a large organization or cross-team development, you often access projects that aren’t necessarily favorites or frequently/recently used by you, yet they are going to populate to this area as you access them, which completely jacks up the area if you’re using it as suggested by the new “feature”.

A person may have a list of 20+ projects in their favorite section, but then only need to actively track say 4 or 5 in the Dashboard area as “hot projects”… This philosophy of use isn’t successfully addressed or provided for under the Dec 1 changes. WTF seriously??

As a long time user of this platform, there have been a lot of great releases and features rolled out… This planned release is short sided and not counted among those good releases.

C’mon Asana - this idea falls short of the Asana reputation for excellent user experience, it is mioptic, and REDUCES functionality and useability, not to mention customization.

It’s like when Apple rolls out a new feature to it’s OS, and instead of simply leaving the previous functionality as a user activated option, they force-change it across the board and REMOVE the previous option leaving acclimated users scratching their heads and frustrated.

@Asana - Please reconsider leaving previous functionality in place for those users who still want to use and pay for this platform… otherwise our organization may be tempted to move to move to another product.

Apologies if this sounded like a rant - I mean these comments in the most constructive way possible to this release / idea, and they should be read and interpreted that way.


Will the live gsheet reporting facility still exist somehow?

TFW your productivity tool actively generates work…

We’re 3 weeks out of our premium trial, and I’ve just changed our company OKR mechanism to asana particularly using dashboard. The first experience many at Metail have had of Asana is “Let’s look at our new OKRs dashboard in Asana… oh, they’re pulling the feature”. Embarrassing and frustrating. To pull this at such short notice without any functional replacement clear just isn’t good enough.


We use the dashboard a lot. I usually have 20-30 opened projects and I need to track the progress of every project. This update will destroy our work flow and will force to think about changing the platform.

Isn’t it possible to keep the dashboard for us who use it?

This is a wrong move.


I’m in the same boat as you all - manage 40+ projects at the same time, and have built all my company reporting around the dashboard google sheet.

I contacted Asana, and TBH I’m pretty disappointed in the response. It seems as if they’re disabling this functionality…only to replace it down the line with similiar BUT AT A COST!

Why can they not just leave it in place? I’m not caring about the dashboard view within asana, but that google sheet is a lifeline for me :frowning:

Thanks for reaching out. I am Alexia and I am happy to advise you on the Dashboard deprecation.

My apologies for any confusion or frustration about this change!

As you already know, we will be retiring our current Dashboards feature, along with Dashboard reporting in Google Sheets, on December 1st. You will continue to be able to access and use your Dashboard and all of your Google Sheets until this time, and all of your existing Project data will stay intact when we retire Dashboards. Once Dashboards have been retired you will no longer see the Dashboard tab in your sidebar and your Google Sheets data will stop updating.

We know that change can be hard and we do apologize for any disruptions to your workflow. We are working hard to deliver on our product vision (Unveiling the Future of Asana • Asana) and have an exciting update coming in November to help you plan, monitor, and manage all of your Organization’s most important work.

This new feature will also come with additional Google Sheets reporting options and we’ll be automatically enrolling our Google Sheets users, in a 3 month free trial of our new features to help with this transition. Your price will not change and you won’t need to take any action in order to start the trial, nor will you need to worry about cancelling your plan if you end up not liking the features; our team will be in touch at the end of your 3 month trial to help you transition back to your old plan, or to get your permanently set up with your new features.

I hope this helps to clarify a little and if you have any questions as we move forward, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I would be very happy to advise you further."


I don’t currently use the Dashboard as we have our “projects” set up as tasks, but it’s not hard to get behind the users here.

Asana, you have users who build their business around what you offer. It’s one thing to make a feature a paid option after the fact; it’s another thing entirely to completely remove the feature with little notice and replace it with an unknown, untried paid option.


This is a terrible change and will completely reinvent the way I need to use Asana at a devastating, time-wasting, and traumatizing usability and usefulness cost. It has even made me question if human beings are capable of any good toward fellow humans at all, or if it really is just a terrible, sadistic, and dog-eat-dog world that we live in devoid of love.


We are really struggling. Our entire workflow is built utilizing Dashboards. We have as many as 40 projects going at one time and can see the high level status and due dates on one page to know what project needs action most immediately. We can also look at due dates and percent complete for all projects in one place. We are completing 5 projects per week and this is the only tool we have found in Asana that can manage workflow 'between" projects not just within and gives that highest level visibility. I have no idea how we can continue to utilize this product if there is not an option to maintain dashboards. What are others doing?


We have the very same problem. I do not understand why dashboards will not be maintained. It is a great feature and we may think about staying with asana if it dissapears.

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@Marie I missed this information: Dashboards are going away? :thinking: is there a post about this?

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I received an email and verified with a support ticket. They said a new feature is going to replace them but can’t really talk about what that is. This is the email text:

Dashboards will retire on December 1

We’re making changes to our navigation settings and will be discontinuing our Dashboard feature on December 1. Your project data will not change and it will still be easy to access your projects and report on their progress.

To access all your projects in one place, we’ll be rolling out **[Homepage] later this month. Project reporting will now live in the Progress tab. Click on “Progress” in any project to see status updates and view project progress.

We’re also launching new tools in November to help you monitor work happening across your team. **[Contact our sales team] to try it out for free.


As a heads up, the new pricing tier is going to be $20/user.

This will include the new feature(s) mentioned above to keep track of all projects and the workload across the team or organization. At least, this is what I gathered from my chat.

You can contact Sales to enroll in the one month trial that begins on 11/1 to see all the new features.

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What will the effect be on the Google Sheets integration that Dashboard currently drives? This would break all the reports we have built.


… where will the link to the Google Sheets report live?

Personally I never found the dashboard really helpful, mainly as it was not considering the subtasks.
Having seen the highlight of the new feature PORTFOLIO, I’m convinced that this is a great addition and once transition will be done for all of the teams, no one will ask for Dashboard anymore :wink:


I agree with your sentiment concerning the Dashboard and subtasks. But I believe people WILL be asking for their Dashboards back when they discover that the only way to see all their project overviews in one place is to pay double per person in the new, soon to be implemented “business” tier.


I agree that Portfolio looks like a great addition! The big question is - will it be available to premium users at some point?


This. I’m somewhat hopeful because under the “Enterprise” pricing tier it says:

  • “Beta - Get early access to Portfolios to help track the status of important projects.”

So it sounds like the beta (early access) aspect is what comes with the Enterprise tier, not so much the portfolio functionality itself.

I could be wrong, just how I’m interpreting it though based on how it is written.

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