Remove Upgrade button & Orange banner

I temporarily upgraded to premium and realized it wasn’t for me so I downgraded. Now there is an obnoxious and large orange banner across my account suggesting I upgrade, it is also present for my team members. How do I get this thing to go away?? We are very frustrated by it to say the least.


Hi @Brianna_Venzke - I’m Nicola from the Customer Success team here at Asana and wanted to say that we appreciate your feedback. The orange banner should disappear in about 7 days. If the banner does not disappear, feel free to contact our support team.


@Nicola - Having the same issue. I should not be penalised for paying and trying out the Premium version of Asana. Have been using Asana for 5+ years and have been very satisfied until now. Did not expect this behaviour from Asana, it is annoying.

Allow me to downgrade without the big, orange banner telling me to upgrade for 7 days - if I want a reminder to upgrade, I will create a task in Asana myself.


Hi @Bhargava - thanks for the feedback and for being a longtime user of Asana.

We do not have any plans to allow the user to turn off the orange banner at the moment - apologies for the inconvenience. I have noted your feedback to help inform future product developments.


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Just a note that “we do not have any plans” type feedback is useful. At least we know nothing will be done with this request for quite some time - if ever. What bothers me is how often that response is used.

You know the problem, I’m sure. We end up feeling like there is little point in providing constructive feedback if it won’t be considered for a year or more.


I would like to add our team’s dissatisfaction with this as well. Obstructive marketing that can’t be removed is frustrating in general. Add to that the fact that we have been paying for your service for months and get this treatment when we need to downgrade is unfortunate.

If not removing it outright or allowing us to close it ourselves, can you have it go away after a few minutes; even if it reappears next login/refresh? This is a massive amount of screen real estate.


Very frustrated with the banner as well. I mean, come on. We have multiple Asana accounts and we shouldn’t be penalized for giving the premium plan a try.


This is absolutely an insulting dark pattern. I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Asana, but this is a truly contemptuous product decision. Your leadership should be ashamed to have approved this.


I’m having the same issue. GIANT OBNOXIOUS BANNER FOR NO REASON.

How do I have it removed? Already contacted support. No response.

I choose Asana for the beautiful design aesthetic. Now my whole team is looking at an obnoxious banner…

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For Others. If you don’t switch pages a lot on Asana, one work around is to simply right click Inspect Element on the giant orange banner and press delete, then it will disappear. Since full page refresh isn’t really necessary for Asana, this could rid you of it for a while.


Can I suggest that if asana does not wish to remove the giant annoying banner they should at least make it smaller. The “danger” warning sign gets its point across and we now realize there is a button. So couldn’t the message be minimized so we can continue to use asana?

One more ‘downvote’ for this obnoxious banner. This has to be the clearest example of how a company ignores it’s client.

I am ready to move off of the platform out of pure frustration, but I am equally frustrated with the concept of re-orienting a couple of clients and contractors to a new platform.

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Agreed. So annoying. :frowning:

+1 for how terrible this is. You’re alienating myself and my team which is giving the exact opposite effect of what you’re trying to do. Instead of thinking “oh yea I should go back to premium” my thought process is now “what competitors are out there that I should look to”.

Show it every time I log in. Allow me to dismiss it. It’s that simple.


Another vote for the surprisingly and uncharacteristic obnoxiousness of the banner.

Hello. Ever since we did a trial of the Premium service – a bright yellow header banner appeared reminding us that the trial was ending. When it ended, the same bright yellow banner appeared with a callout to Upgrade again. It’s incredibly distracting and annoying and it only goes away for a few seconds after I refresh my browser page.

How do I get rid of this banner?!!

So sorry for the trouble @Vilay_Dethluxay! You will be able to close this banner 7 days after downgrading your premium plan. I’ve merged your feedback with Giant orange banner to upgrade to gather all feedback on one single thread to give it more impact. You can also vote at the top of this thread!

Appreciate the reply, but it’d be great if Asana could just not do this or put an “X” on the banner so people can remove it themselves. 7 days for a bright banner on your workspace is really annoying.

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This is really annoying. I will have a think twice before trying anything new from Asana.

Not a very helpful reply.