Remove Upgrade button & Orange banner

I’m so disappointed with Asana for this behavior. We love Asana. We’ve sung Asana’s praises (as software and as a company) for years. We upgraded for 3 key features. Not a one of them worked the way we work which lead us to downgrade. We’re still happy users. As the features for premium become more useful for our team, we’d upgrade again … but this banner for 7 DAYS! Will actually make us wait much much longer before upgrading again. Why penalize us? Why take the risk of brand damage? This is a really short sided decision on Asana’s part and it needs to be reconsidered.

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+1 for very annoying. On top of that, I never asked for an upgrade, but I suddenly was on premium trial without clicking any button. In my organisation, some people use asana, but it’s a private decision and we use it for personal task managing and not for cooperation. It might be that someone else on our domain has tried the premium feature, and that this affects all users on this domain. That is in itself quite annoying - much more so when we get half the screen covered by this enourmous premium ad.

Vilay, have a look at Ryan Holmes’ workaround to get rid of it temporarily, higher up the thread!

For anyone still annoyed by this - another solution is to use something like the stylebot extension for chrome:

You can use it to hide the yellow banner permanently.


I never comment…
However, the “seven-day insult banner” is (honestly) a very poor, mid-level management sales decision that undermines our (and apparently other’s) confidence in Asana to truly compete on user experience. We will move on, soon.
For now, we installed StyleBot and immediately were empowered and rewarded.
No more orange bs!
Thanks, StyleBot!


We have Premium and now (midday, Nov 1), they added a suitcase and Upgrade button in rainbow colors. What the? It is horribly distracting, I hope this was a mistake and goes away soon. Otherwise I may have to try one of the above work-arounds.

Hi @Denise_Malone, the new Upgrade button you’re seeing is likely a result of Asana’s new “Asana Business” tier that was announced today.

Thanks, Drew. I just got the email about that. I just wish the suitcase + Upgrade weren’t so garish. I’d much rather have the orange button that everyone else hates. :wink:

In our case, we are on the paid Premium plan, and still we get this obtrusive thing. We already pay for your service, and are a small team so “Business” is not relevant. I see you can choose for free users to be a bit more aggressive, that’s your choice, but really it’s poor form for paying customers as well to have to continually look at that.


I am actually leaving Asana because this banner reminder is so annoying and distracting. Moreover, the reason I am leaving rather than just suffering through the balance of the 7 days before it disappears is that it shows a lack of respect from the developers of Asana that I do not want to condone by my continued use of their product.


How do I remove this annoying warning?

Hi @Louise_Herping_Elleg and apologies for the trouble! This banner should become dismissable 7 working days after your downgrade!

So, so, so sad about that. Actually, we were in the mid of a team test to evaluate if we would change to a Premium account… Now it’s already decided.

So, I came here to complain about the ginormous orange banner after I downgraded from my premium trial and feel now I have to defend the Asana crew.

Yes it is huge and is definitively an insult to paying customers who downgraded from business to premium. That having said, I’ve used Asana almost from the very beginning for free. I get it, it’s a business that needs to make money. I appreciate that Asana still has a pretty well functioning free plan. The orange banner will not change my mind as I have good reasons for why premium did not work for my current situation (which may change) , but heck if they think it may sway one or the other user, then that’s their good right to do so.


If anyone is interested, select the banner, right click and inspect element. Then hit delete, it will rid you of your pain for at least the day or until you have to re login. Hope this helps and at least makes a semi pain free 7 days.

Cheers A

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+1 - Downgraded while the project is on hold. Annoying a customer is probably not the best way to secure a customer, especially with this particular implementation.

Hmm, not sure about, why free Account customers, who downgraded, are so upset about a button to upgrade, as it seems, this button will disappear after 7 days, anyway?

I’m more concerned about our upgrade to premium from a free account, where we had not button so far. And now we’re getting this annyoing button to upgrade to business? Asana support says, there is no solution so far. Means, if we would downgrade to free again, we would have this button for 7 days, and if we stay, we will have this button forever? Are you kidding me.

Don’t get me wrong Asana, I appreciate a lot, having been able to use so many features for a longer time. And I know some people from our freelancer environment, who are practicing this for years. Suppose, this free Account concept is a working strategy, while you’re focussing at bigger companies. But this strange welcome present for new paying customers does not seem to be a good strategy.

This is a real problem. We’re paying customers of the premium plan. It’s € 9,25 per user per month and now we have to look at that Upgrade button again. Sorry, but when I buy the game because I like it and don’t want to see the ads anymore, DON’T give us more ads after buying it.

It’s offensive.

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Hey there,

We’ve recently not renewed our premium subscription. Now we have to deal with this CTA bar, which can’t be removed. I see the point but this is super ignoring, and I got the point after seeing it the first time. Please let us remove this and just keep the upgrade button - this is not making me want to restore my upgrade!

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I agree that this giant banner is annoying and insulting and now that I see other users have been complaining about it for two years and Asana has no plans to change it, I’m not sure I can ever give more of our small nonprofit’s software budget to Asana…

I did find a workaround, FWIW, and was able to remove the banner by using AdBlock.