Number of Actions and Number of Portfolios

We are in the process of moving from our monthly rolling asana to a longer commitment on the new tiers (business → advanced)

As a super admin i wanted to check our current useage of actions and the number of portfolios to make sure we are within the limits of the new advanced plan.

I know there is a open request for this already as its not currently possible but is there any way to be able to get a quick number or anyone at Asana support who can provide this?


I believe there is an A/B test in progress about having those counters in the Admin Console. If you don’t see them, that means you are not part of the test. @Vanessa_N can someone opt in?

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Welcome to our Community Forum, @Hiten_Kacha, and thanks for tagging me, @Bastien_Siebman.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to opt into the A/B test, but if you need to have an idea of usage, our Support team can check that for you. I’d recommend reaching out to them requesting this information. :slight_smile: