Inconsistent Rules available across projects

We have an Asana Premium license. I understand that with this license we have a limited number of rules available however we are noticing that different projects seem to have different rules available, specifically in the Routing section. See image:

Any suggestions as to what is causing this?


Hi @Rael_Dusheiko,

This has to do with the custom fields you have available in each project. If you don’t have a type or priority field in a project a routing rule won’t be avaliable.


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Hi Christine,
Thanks for the response but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the issue. All of the impacted projects has a Type custom field. I have added myself (Admin) to the project and set myself as owner, in case that was the cause. No change unfortunately.

I am also pretty sure the first project doesn’t have the Type field, and the last one has a field called Progress. Can you double check?

Doublechecked and confirmed. It’s the same field being used as the project was copied from another project.

However I did notice that the Type field was not included in the list of Custom Fields, even though it was visible on each task.
So I added it to the list of custom fields, thinking it would potentially double up on the task, but it didn’t.
And now the Routing has changed.

Seems like either a quirky glitch somewhere in Asana, or the person who copied the project did so in an unexpected way. She’s already left for the day so I can’t check.

But it looks like you’ve both helped identify the issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Type field was visible either because the task was multi-homed or the assignee had it in their My Tasks view. Glad you found a solution!