Custom Fields with Multi-homing and Rules


I am trying to do multi-homing for a custom scrum setup but I’m having a small issue.

I have a backlog project with custom fields and rules (basic routing rules available in the Premium level). The rules work with no issues.

However, when I create a Sprint project and share the tasks from the backlog project, the rules section doesn’t offer me routing rules because these custom fields belong to the backlog project. Moreover, if I add the same fields to the sprint project, they are totally separate, and when I see the task on the Sprint project, I see two sets of fields (the ones from the backlog project and the ones from the spring project)

Do I have to create org. level custom fields so I could add rules that work in both projects?

Hello Otto,

just to confirm whether I understand this correctly:

The custom fields you need to be displayed in both projects have been separately created or you have just enabled the for the first project already created ones in the other project as well?

Like I mean for one of your projects when you created the custom fields you ticked the box so it is available to use for the whole org: Custom Fields • Asana ?

Because when you do this then you can simple select the same fields in the other project and the data will show.

The rules can also be set up then.
A rule library is not available at this stage. I recommend leaving your vote here: Global Rules would rule! Create a library for Rules

Does that help?


Thank you Andrea!

I was able to make this work with your suggestion of adding the custom fields to the org library. They can now show on both projects and I can set up the rules as I wanted.

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Perfect :slight_smile: