Inbox Reminders

Question about inbox Notifications. Here is what I currently see in my Inbox on 7/30/19

There is a task that is due on 8/20. Can I dismiss it today and If I do will it come back up tomorrow or in a week?

If the task is assigned to you, then the auto-promotion feature kicks in: if you push the task to Later in My Tasks, it will automatically come back to Upcoming 7 days before the due date, and then in Today on the due date :+1:

See task auto-promotion section on

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Hi @Sherpa5 and welcome to the Forum!

As @Bastien_Siebman explained, Tasks with due dates that have been marked as Upcoming or Later will automatically promote through as they approach their due date.

Regarding the Inbox Notification, when a task assigned to you is approaching its due date you will again receive an Inbox Notification.

I hope this helps! Have a great day! :smiley: