Task Start Date - Inbox Notification

Would be great to get an inbox notification the day a task’s start date BEGINS (doesn’t need to show every day of the task).

Hi There, we’re not seeing start date notifications showing up in the inbox. I thought they were supposed to show up in my tasks with the start date showing under “Today” when it’s time to start and also a notification in the inbox.

Can you clarify?


Hi @Youssef

According to the Asana guidance, as long as the task is incomplete, assigned to you and has a due date, you should get a notification:

  • 7 days before the task’s due date
  • 1 day before the task’s due date
  • On the day of the task’s due date
  • 1 day after the task’s due date (overdue)
  • 7 days after the task’s due date (overdue)

Have you checked the Email notification section in your profile settings?

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Hi Mark, but what about the notification for the start date? We need a notification to start the task. We’re not seeing that.

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Hi Youssef

I’ve only ever seen these notifications in relation to due dates, so I actually don’t know if it’s set up for start dates too. @Marie, do you know if these notifications will appear 7 days before the start date?

Thanks for the mention @Mark_Hudson; these notifications are based exclusively on due dates at the moment. that being said, your task will appear in your My Task list and populate to Today on the day you need to begin your work. You can learn more about this in this handy article!

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Marie that’s exactly our problem. The start dates dont seem to be triggering a task in MyTask list for the start date as expected. Is this a setting issue or could it be an app issue?

Hi @Youssef unfortunately as it stands, we don’t have a feature to notify users when a task is due to “start”. As I said in my previous post, you will see the task in question in your My Tasks, but there is currently no notification system in place for start dates. Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future though; I can see how useful this would be!

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Yes, this would be extremely helpful! Right now, it only shows up in the task list on the due date. The point of the start date is to get people to start on that date, well ahead of the due date.

Use case: We have developers working on a project. They work by due dates. If the task shows up in their task list by due dates and a task has a start date 3 weeks ahead of their due date, there is no point in putting a start date: the developers see the task 3 weeks down the list and ignore it. Projects then run three weeks behind, even though they’re on the schedule for the appropriate amount of time.

Hi @Marie, Has there been an update yet to allow a trigger for project’ start dates? If not, it seems pointless to have the start date feature within the app.