Inbox notification functional regression - Only last event is seen

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
In the Inbox, we used to see all events happening within the same task, as a thread.

Now, it only shows the last event. This is a functional regression and causes people to miss comments, especially when such comments are followed by a “like” or “task closed” event, because we only get notified for the later.

Steps to reproduce:
Write a comment, like another. Only the like will be displayed on the inbox of collaborators.

If this is done on purpose, then it’s really a bad change and I’d like the ability to use the old behaviour for my whole Organisation.

Hi :wave:t3:

Can you confirm you have the “Expand” feature enabled?

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Thanks Marie, it was disabled. I wasn’t aware of this feature!

Is it recent? Did it get disabled by default, or maybe did I disabled it without noticing it?

It was part of the latest Inbox update: Meet your new Inbox!

I believe this feature is enabled by default, so you may have clicked and disabled it by mistake :slight_smile:

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