Don't batch notifications

I’ve recently noticed the following scenario,

A co-worker comments on a task that I’m a collaborator on - I receive a notification in my inbox. A few moments later, they “like” a comment on that same thread and it overwrites the previous inbox notification, so now the only one in my inbox is for the “liked” comment.

Is this expected functionality? And if so, why and are there any plans to change this? Now I’ m concerned that I’ve missed notifications because they’ve been replaced by the most updated interaction with that task thread.

Hi @Danae_Bowers, thanks for reaching out!

This is expected functionality. When multiple actions are taken on the same task, you will receive batched notifications to prevent too much noise in your inbox. You will still receive a notification about this task, and can view all task changes on the task history itself.

While we don’t have plans to make any changes to this functionality right now, I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we do :slight_smile:

Can you try something @Danae_Bowers → there is an “Expand” button at the top of the Inbox, can you make sure it is enabled (it would be blue) and look at the notification again?


Thank you! I didn’t have this selected and I think it will be very helpful with this.

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