Meet your new Inbox!

Hi all,

Today I’m excited to share with you that we’re rolling out an update for our Asana Inbox!

Inbox is your central hub for all updates and changes on the work you’re following. With this new update, we’re keeping the ability to filter your notifications ensuring that you can easily identify notifications that matter to you. But we’re also introducing some new features and designs to bring more clarity in your Inbox:

  • A new split view showing you the most important information in the left pane and allowing you to dive in and take actions in the right pane
  • Threaded notifications so you can get more context on previous updates when reading your notifications
  • A read/unread feature letting you know which notifications you’ve already seen and which are new!

Last but not least, this update is also rolling out in our iOS and Android apps, offering you the best of your Inbox on mobile!

Please note that this update will become available gradually. We’re launching it to 10% of our users today and will make it available to everyone over the next couple of weeks. So no worries if you’re not seeing it just yet in your account, it will become to all our customers shortly!

If you’re curious to see the new Inbox in action, check out this video from our Education Team. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below, and don’t hesitate to share any feedback with our team, please use this form!

We look forward to hearing your comments and feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


I was just looking at this update progress and now it’s available publicly. Thanks @Marie!
Waiting for the roll out so I can brief my team. The old inbox was cluttered and overloaded with information. Hopefully the new one is more intuitive.


Hi! I was wondering if there was any way to ‘hide’ the split view? I know some of the members of my team would rather just see the ‘headlines’ and decide to dive in to get more context if needed. Thank you!


Hi @John_T :wave:t3:

The right pane can’t be closed I’m afraid. I had a similar instinct when we started dogfooding the new Inbox internally but I quickly got used to having my eyes focus on the left and only look at the right side when looking for more details. It’s also saving you quite a few clicks when you quickly want to look for details, so hopefully, this can balance out the initial need to close it out!


Thanks for the quick response!

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@Marie - do you know how this split view will behave when working from an iPad using the embedded split view (half a screen)?

This is great! Would really appreciate some screenshots.

It seems that the “Inbox” area has gotten 2 updates and “My Tasks” is still left in a legacy view (no board functionality, old listview layout, etc.)

My Tasks are the most important day-to-day section used across our company and companies that we consult with.

Can we expect anything to come in the My Tasks section? Have been anxiously awaiting for over a year now :frowning:



I can tell you they are definitely working on that. “Later this year” is what @Marie has said, but as you know, their policy is not to comment much on stuff that’s in the works.


As Community members I guarantee you will be first to know @abass and @Phil_Seeman :slight_smile:

@Jerod_Hillard, I’m still working from home and unfortunately I don’t have an iPad with me to test it out, but I’ve escalated a task to ask our iOS team!


Okay, from my understanding… it will have a split view similar to when you click on a task in your inbox currently? Where it opens to the right and shows the details of a task?

and did you know anything about the coming changes?

I’m bound by a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t really comment, sorry!

hey phil, thx for your reply. i see. did you know if there is a beta test program yet? i would be very happy to test, I am feverishly awaiting a improved my task. this is one of the most important part of asana that needs a new structure.

There’s not currently one I’m aware of for My Tasks.

@Marie did you know if there is a beta testing now or in the future for the my tasks section?

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Any pictures or sneak peaks of this new indox?

I don’t totally understand the point of the “Expand” option, as all it does is makes the left-hand column slightly-slightly larger text size. Would expect it to be a bit larger of a shift for such a prominent button?

Looks good though! Willing to give it another shot - stopped using it after learning how useful “My Tasks” is :slight_smile:

Still finding myself living in My Tasks, but I’ll try to stay ontop of this.


What the Expand button does is to show the full conversation history of the items in the left-hand pane so you can see more context about them. In your case you probably didn’t have any conversation history for your Inbox item so there was nothing to show.


Ah! This makes sense, thank you :slight_smile:

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