New! Daily Summary Inbox Notification

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce we rolled out a new Daily Summary Inbox Notification!

This feature consolidates Inbox “Tasks Starting & Due Today” notifications into a single daily summary notification and makes it easier to access and archive these types of notifications.

If you wish to receive a Daily Summary Inbox notification, please make sure the “Disable Notifications for Tasks Starting & Due Today” hack is disabled.

As always, please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feedback :slight_smile:

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@Emily_Roman can you confirm whether this notification is Asana Inbox-specific or will users also receive an email notification if this feature, as well as email notifications, are not disabled?

cc: @Mackaaij

Hi @Jerod_Hillard, this update is specific for inbox. However, we do sent a Daily Summary email notification as well, you can enable this option in the Notifications tab n your profile settings.

The Daily Summary email notification includes tasks due soon and tasks recently assigned. Please find more details in this Guide article.

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