More/Better Optimization for the Inbox

I saw that there have been filtered added to the inbox, but the way the messages show up can be confusing to team members and clients on the project. There are a few issues:

  1. You receive a notification in your inbox when a task is updated with a comment, which is great, but the task shows the “entire thread”. If there are a lot of replies, it can be over 30+ messages long. It should only list the task name and maybe just the more recent message. If you want, you can expand the entire thread, but I think it just makes it messy.
  2. The “entire thread” is ONLY messages from other people on the team. Your messages are not part of it so if it’s just 2 people on the project, it looks like one person talking to themself. Another reason I don’t think it’s necessary to see the entire convo.
  3. When you click on the task, it opens the description and message field on the right, while the inbox message thread is still open on the left side. In can frustrating to see a long email thread on one side and your task on the other. When you click on the task, it should take you out of the inbox and to the entire project page. If you want to go back to your inbox, you can just click it.

Welcome to the Forum @Robin_Singletary :wave:t5: Thank you so much for taking time to provide your feedback with us!

In order to help us to better follow-up on your feedback, we recommend using one thread for each suggestion you would like to submit. This also allows other users in the Forum to specifically vote for each request.

I was able to find an existing thread regarding the first two points you have commented here.

If you haven’t yet, I would suggest you to cast your vote and comment on it. And I would also suggest you to create a new thread to cover the last point you have touched base here.

Thank you for your understanding Robin! Have a great Friday!