Add full text back to inbox items.

I used to be able to open my inbox, quickly scroll through to read everything and either take immediate action or archive. Now I can’t read anything in there without clicking into the item, which takes 5 seconds to load and then I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to read the latest comment. It’s wasting hours of my time just clicking and scrolling and waiting instead of actually focusing on the work I’m trying to get done.

Hi @Brian_S and thanks for sharing your feedback! Looks like you’re using the new “Expanded” mode. If you’re looking to keep your updates more compact, I’d recommend disabling the Expanded view.

In regards to the inbox being a little slow to open: could you quickly clear your cache and cookies? This should help making your Inbox load faster!

Let us know how you’re getting on :slight_smile:

I’m confused, because my problem is actually the opposite. I wish I could see the expanded full text of everything in my inbox, but it’s all compact and truncated now with this new design. I can only see the first sentence of everything, and I have to click into the item, scroll to the bottom of it to read the full comment before taking any action. Is this intentional? It feels like a totally broken workflow.

This is what I’m seeing:

Any update on this? Inbox on mobile is totally unusable for me, clicking into every task to read it takes way too long. Am I missing something? How are other people able to use this?