Importing task via sending email not working

Sending emails to the project address (x+??? isn’t working for me for about a month now.
Anyone with simila problem?

Hi @FelipeCdS,

Are you getting an error message? Could you share some screenshots or additional details?

Hello, Marie

Just noticed I received an error message, could Asana have blocked receiving emails from my domain? I haven’t changed any email/domain settings on my side.
The screenshot is in portuguese:

“It wasn’t possible to process your email because it was sent from a server that isn’t authorized to send emails to ‘’. Contact the administrator do update the email settings for your domain.”


I can’t be sure exactly what the issue is, but there has been a recurrent issue of email failures that is quite similar to this. See Creating tasks via email gives error "We couldn't process your email." for most users for an example. The solution was not an easy one and it didn’t really work that well.

I would recommend creating tasks from the Gmail add-on for Asana, if that is an option for you. It works well, never fails, and allows more options at the time of task creation. Best practices for a 1-2 person start-up

HI @FelipeCdS,

If you’re using Gmail, I’d recommend following these steps suggested in another topic. If this doesn’t help I would recommend reaching out to our support team who will be better suited to help!