Import Task via Email with Amazon

Hi for all,
I have one issue, i try to import tasks via email on asana, as first step i getted email related with my project, after if i sent an email to this email address (asana project mailaddress) all WORKS but if email is sent from my Amazon email sender service asana not import the task, i have also added amazon email as project member but not works yet.

Are there limit about amazon suite? or there only some errors in my configuration?

Hi @marco.santoro and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue. You should be able to create a Task from your Amazon Email as long as this email is associated with your Asana Account or if the email address is added as a project member like you mentioned and has Edit permission.

You can verify this in the Email Forwarding tab from your Profile settings.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Natalia, thank you for u reply, i ve added email as project member (but not verified email address beacuse with amazon SES i cant receive email), sent email but nothing has been created, instead same email sent from my email address (email added as member in project in the same way of amazon email but verified) tasks are created.

Hi @marco.santoro I’m sorry to hear that you are still running into this issue.

In this case, I would recommend you to reach out directly to our support team. They would be in a better position to help you with this. Feel free to reference this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything.

Apologies for not being able to help you further on the Forum, but in order to investigate this issue we’ll need to ask you private information that can’t be shared publicly in the Forum.

Thank you so much for your patience! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!