Images not uploading, Comments & Changes to Projects Not Saving

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

  1. When uploading images, it is just hanging and does not finish uploading (small file, 1MB)
  2. Changes to Project/Boards including adding and moving/deleting other project/boards not saving - reverting back to original assignment
  3. Comments being written and then finding the comment missing a few seconds later

Steps to reproduce: See above

Browser version: Version 91.0.4472.114

Upload screenshots below:

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I’m encountering the same issue with comments. I receive an email notification (2nd screenshot) that someone commented on a task. When I go to that task in my browser (Google Chrome - Version 92.0.4515.131), the comment is not there (1st screenshot).



I just received word from one of my coworkers that they’re also experiencing the issue with images/attachments.

Same issue here. Asana is not saving anything at the moment.

Similar issue here with creating a duplicated task. Email notification goes out to the person assigned, but the task itself doesn’t show up in the project.

Same problem here. No changes being saved at all. Status changes, column changes, subtask completion…

Same here. I am now back to asking people if they commented on my questions.

My organization and I are experiencing the same issue, no changes are sticking.

Hi all :wave:t2: Thanks for reporting this!

We are currently experiencing some issues which may affect how changes sync to tasks. We’re working on resolving this as a priority.

You can follow here for updates: Asana Status - Issues with loading Asana

I’ll also let you know in this thread once this is resolved. Thank you for you patience! :slight_smile:

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Hi Rebecca. I see that the status says resolved. However, it is not resolved on my end. Can you please clarify if this has been resolved for the web application?

Hi Rebecca, same here… I am still experiencing issues as well on the web application. Particularly moving tasks from one project to another project. I’ve been able to successfully upload images since your post and the comments seem to be staying. Thank you.

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: None of the changes I try to make in Asana save. I am using a Google Chrome browser. I have tried with other browsers as well. Not incognito.

As an update…It now looks like our custom column for Estimate is causing the web app and desktop app to have to reload. This happens whenever I try to add this column into my project.

Hey @Annette_Macaluso
it seems it has been not resolved yet, you can follow the status here Asana Status - Issues with loading Asana

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Thanks for the additional information! I’ve gone ahead and let our team know so we can investigate further.

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Hi everyone, we have fully resolved the issue. We are investigating the root cause and we plan to post further information on Thank you for the patience.

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