If my company has a Business plan for heavy users, can we add 15 free seats?

We have a rotating help desk support team that changes every few weeks, and they only need access to see one or two projects. Can we add them free or would we have to have paid versions because our membership is business?

Hi @anon3177425,

You can’t add them free to your existing subscription (unless they join with email addresses having a different domain than the domain of your Business subscription, which you probably won’t want to do).

However, Asana has an option called Divisions which might work in your case. Divisions are a complex topic as you can see from this thread:

and they can only be set up by Asana sales or support. So bottom line, contact Asana, ask them your question, and be sure to tell them that it was recommended that you check into Divisions.

Thank you so much! I’ll reach out tomorrow. I don’t mind if it’s complex because I’m the one who’ll be doing the “dividing” to make it work!

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