I use Asana as a freelancer, how can I add tasks from a client who also uses Asana?

I just signed up for Asana to manage my personal freelance work for several clients, after one of my clients introduced me to Asana to assign me tasks.

Is there a way to automatically import the tasks assigned to me by this client into my personal workspace?

I did a little searching and couldn’t find a concrete answer, although some posts seem to indicate this isn’t possible. This seems like an incredibly essential feature for a platform like Asana, so I’d be surprised and disappointed to learn it isn’t possible.

Has anyone used Taco? That seems to be what’s recommended for situations like this.

Hi @NickyC Asana is great, isn’t it?
Now, about your desired state.
Due to the system of using tasks within a team, I think that you will be included in the other team when you are assigned a task by the other party.
So I think it should be used that way.

Welcome, @NickyC,

There’s no way natively to automatically add tasks from another’s Asana org/workspace to yours.

Taco is a third-party tool for this but I have no experience with it. Another is Unito that I’ve heard good reports about.

Hope that helps a bit.