Creating Tasks from "Asana" instead of developer

Hi, I use the Asana API to automatically generate tasks for workers at my company. However because I am using my API credentials, the tasks are “created” by me and I get notifications about when they are complete. Is there a way to make the tasks get created by Asana? If this isn’t possible can I request this?

Hi @Maggie-Rose_Graff and welcome to the forum,

Alas, there is not a way. The only solution is to create another Asana user specifically for the purpose of using it with the API, then you can name it whatever you want.

I’ve talked with the folks at Asana for several years about being able to do this, as it’s an issue for my Flowsana integration (and many others).

@Kem_Ozbek @AndrewWong any news you can share on this? I talked with @TonyC about it a few years back - he indicated it’s something you all would like to provide but I haven’t heard any updates on it recently.


Hi @Maggie-Rose_Graff and thanks for the ping @Phil_Seeman,

If your organization is on the Enterprise tier, you can consider using a Service Account for this use case.

You can also leverage OAuth to authenticate other users at your organization, and create tasks on their behalf via the API, if there is a clear user in your organization, other than yourself, by whom some or all of these tasks should be created.

Finally, you can consider updating the task that is autogenerated after creation to remove yourself as a collaborator on the task. Provided you’re not the assignee on them, this should address the issue of getting notifications on these tasks post-creation.

Hope this helps,

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