Who is the real user who created the task?

When creating task with the user Joe or any other user, Asana always registers with the user Mike (Administrator) filed created_by
What should I do to make the API return which user created the task? What field?


GET task_gid

"created_by": {
          "gid": "1234567890",
          "name": "Mike",
          "resource_type": "user"

Hi @Marcio_Morais and welcome to the forum!

Are these tasks which you created via the API, or tasks that have been created by users in the Asana UI?

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Hi @Phil_Seeman created by users in the Asana UI

Then I’m afraid I’m stumped. I’ve not seen the created-by value be incorrect like that.

@Frederic_Malenfant have you ever run across something like this?

I just look at our code, and, because, when we created our app, the “created_by” field was an unofficial hidden field, we use the older story, to suppose who created the task.

I know that it’s not the best solution, because stories can be deleted, and when we copy a task, we can lose them I think. But, we don’t use the “created_by” opt_field directly.

When I look at the documentation, in the “task” section and schema task also, there’s nothing about the created_by field.

And, in another post, @Joe_Trollo said it was a mistake in the documentation, but a few years later, it’s still missing from the official doc!

So, I don’t know if we can really use it…