How to specify who created a task?


I don’t see any field to specify who created a task: Asana

Should I use custom_fields? If yes, I probably want this json:

	"custom_fields": {
		"created_by": USER_ID

Thank you

Hi @jeremiebergeron1515 and welcome to the forum,

Sorry, there’s no way in Asana (either in the API or the UI) to specify who created a task. It’s set automatically based on the Asana account that created it and is a read-only property.

(Also note that it’s an undocumented property, but you can retrieve it by specifying opt_fields=created_by when reading task information via the API.)

You could certainly create a “Created By” custom field if you wanted to have the ability to record info independently from the above built-in created_by property. In that case, you’d want to make it a text type field and record the name of the person creating it; writing a User gid won’t do anything other than display a long confusing number to people! (Also note that there’s no way to make a custom field read-only, so this approach does include the risk of users overwriting the value you write to that custom field.)