GET the details of tasks

I need to know the rest API by which I can get all the details of (total task whihc I created)task…
It means I want to know the only one restAPI which can give the details of all the tasks(whether I assigned someone or not.).


Would you mind editing your question, I am not sure I understand what you need. Do you need to get the details of all the tasks you created?


Yes I need to get the details of all the tasks I have created using rest api.


From what I can read the creator of a task is not available in the API.

@Diakoptis maybe you can confirm?

Also @amit.lodhi there is no need to ask for a reply asap (as a moderator I removed this part of your message) because most of the people here, including me, are Asana user taking personal time to answer and help other community members :slight_smile:

Thanks to you!

Hey. There is a created_by field that is not documented.

As I can understand @amit.lodhi needs to read the Documentation of the API and be more specific in order to help him. In any case, there is no way from the API to filter tasks by “creator” as fas as I know. At least is not documented.

For assignee you can use the assignee field Build an app with Asana

You can try also the creator field and let us know if it worked :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually , you can find that out.
Just pull the task stories and there you can filter out created_by for each of the task iteration.