PAT for chatbot to file tasks?


I’m looking for confirmation/suggestions on the best way to connect to the Asana API for a specific use-case at our organization? Specifically, we would like to create a chatbot that sits in a company server & files tasks in Asana when any user types a command. The bot continuously queries for these messages & when it sees the command, it generates the appropriate requests to the Asana API to create the task. We would like these tasks to be registered as being “Created by Chatbot”

Based on the documentation, it seems that using a Personal Access Token for the bot makes the most sense to accomplish this. Since our org is set-up to use Google SSO, this would entail creating a GSuite account for the bot to create it’s own PAT to interact with the API. Does this sound like the correct approach? Or are there better ways to go about this that Asana offers which we haven’t considered?

Thanks for any help!

Hey @Aaron_Bartholomew ,

If your organization is Enterprise, the correct way to do this would probably be with a service account:

Otherwise, yes. That is the correct approach you should take. There is currently no other structured way to make exceptions to the Google SSO rule.


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