Looking for a partner programming in Asana(API & Triage Bot)


I am really sorry if this is not right category to post this topic.
In such case I would be grateful for moderator to move my post.

Getting to the topic: we are company which uploads to Asana big number of files generated in 3rd party program. It takes a while to find right task and upload file, so I am looking to automate it somehow. First idea is Asana bot, second one is through API.

Idea is pretty simple:

  • user saves file to dropbox folder
  • script reads file name, let’s say X
  • then finds task in Asana, which has custom field attribute X and uploads files.
    -once file is uploaded delete it from dropbox, so it’s clear which files were not uploaded.

Any person/company interested in cooperation please send me message or post contact details.
Looking forward to long term cooperation, as we can introduce lots of other improvements :).

Hi @Adrian3,

I would recommend going to minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods, or reaching out directly to @Bastien_Siebman here on the forum.


What you’re asking could definitely be accomplished via the Asana API. Can you say a bit more about what you’re thinking when you say “Asana bot”? Are you thinking of something that’s running inside of Dropbox, or ?

Thanks Phil. When it comes to webhooks (or watching for changes in general) your technology is far more advanced than mine :slight_smile:

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Hi Phil,

I was thinking about bot as described in her:

It would start with uploading files, but it seems to have great potential in automating basically anything :slight_smile:

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