Using an API for Asana task upload

Hi Guys,

I’m quite new in the whole API and Integration world. I come from a background of doing RPA, and are now trying myself off with doing APIs and Integrations.

I was wondering if it was possible to make an API, that uploads tasks to Asana. Example; I have a mapped .xl-file, that I save as a .csv-file and then upload to Asana?

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Hi @MartinJA and welcome to the forum,

Yes, it’s definitely possible to add a set of tasks via the API. There’s no “import” or “upload” functionality per se; you’ll need to add the tasks one a a time. But one can just write a loop that reads the CSV file a line at a time and adds each task.

You didn’t say what language you’ll be writing in but there are Asana SDKs for several popular languages; and there is the REST API if you’re not using one of those.

Since you’re new to this world, I would start with the Getting Started section of the API documentation.

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