Change Default Collaborator and Created by behavior for Creating Tasks through API

We have recently integrated the Asana API with some of our internal dashboards for bug reporting. For simplicity (we are a small team), the auth token is under one of our engineer’s accounts, but he isn’t actually involved in any of the tasks getting created and logged. How can I change the task creation behavior through the API, such that:

  1. He isn’t registered as the “creator” of the task, and
  2. He does not become a default collaborator for that task?

Can someone point me to the correct documentation for this? I’ve looked at the Tasks documentation, and am thinking I can at least set the “collaborators” field to be an empty array (haven’t tried it yet), but I’d love to be able to remove him as the creator of these tasks altogether if possible.



You are not able to change the user that created the task. It is what it is :slight_smile:

But you can make an api call to remove him from the collaborators after the task creation.

Why you don’t create a bot user to create all these tasks? You will avoid all the issues with the real human engineer who is not able to see the value of using Asana :slight_smile:

Hope I helped.

Yep, that’s helpful–bummer. Thanks!

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