🎶 I have to praise you like I should - Praise board in Asana

One of my clients in HR wanted a way to collate positive feedback from their team about other members - so we created a praise board! :pray:

  • Create a board view blank project - sections could be department or type of praise (if you wanted to categorise the types of praise) or if you want to review the submissions have the sections as ‘New Praise’, ‘Reviewing’ and ‘Ready to Share’ :white_check_mark:
  • Create an anyone can access form for your team to fill out when they feel a member of the team has done something notable. Questions such as who is it you are praising (Connect this to a custom field with all employee names listed), ‘what type of praise?’ (options like exceptional work, team-playing etc) and a free text field for ‘Why in more detail is this person being praised?’. :star2: :woman_curly_haired:t2:
  • Then encourage the team to fill it out as the month goes on :mechanical_arm:
  • At the end of every month you can use the ‘Dashboard’ to see who has the most praise that month by creating a graph of total tasks (y-axis by employee custom field (x-axis) :bar_chart:

:rocket:Notes!: if you want to share the specific praise submissions to the employee who received that praise you can do this in bulk rather than one by one. Use the filter to filter by employee name custom field and then bulk assign by clicking the first ‘praise’ holding shift and clicking the ‘last praise’ my client didn’t want the praise to automatically go straight to the employee being praised as she wanted to review it first and keep it as a surprise until the end of month team meeting. To make sure people aren’t getting confused in their My Tasks once assigned to them with praise vs actual work tasks, make sure all praise when submitted in the form is titled correctly.


@Arthur_BEGOU you’re gonna like this I think :slight_smile:


How can I submit a praise for @Danielle-GenD for that great idea ? :wink::blue_heart:


Love this! Appreciations like this really push the team and is a great motivation too.

We do similar, we have one board where everybody in the team can add praise. Can be a special mention by a customer in a review to thank a certain team member or a special well done message form a partner we collaborate with, etc.
We all add tasks there.

And we also send regular anonymous feedback forms (as some don’t feel comfortable revealing their name) + we have the feedback form open at all times so people can submit feedback about team members, management & the company/processes etc in general.


Love the idea!

Would anyone be willing to share a zoomed out view of their Praise Board so that I may develop a better understanding of the what and how?

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Great idea!! Would you suggest this praise project to be open for everyone to view or private?

Hi @Chau_Le_Asana Personally, I would recommend it is private so managers can review the feedback before sharing, especially if the praise submissions are anonymised. Then it can be shared by assigning to the person being praised after review or automatically multi homed into a public praise board

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Thank you Danielle. Did you set up the approval in the workflow or just assign it to a Manager?

Mine is a manual assign however you could set it up so that depending on what team they say they are from in the praise form it will auto fill out the custom field and then asana can auto assign to the correct manager using rules.

Is there a way to automatically assign to the person being praised using the Name custom column?

Yes providing you use a single select or the people custom field as your trigger than your action can be to assign to whomever you want.

You can only seem to assign it to a specific person correct? It can’t be where whatever Name is being praised, automatically assign to that person.

As above, If you had a single select field with the names of the people in your team in there you could use a rule in the project (biz/ent) so that it auto assigns to that person when it comes in.

For example they pick Angie out of the single select field question which is connected to the single select custom field of Employee, you would have a rule to say that when they pick Angie from the drop down it auto assigns that submission to Angie