I can't log in on desktop web app while mobile app works.

I am Macbook Air (the newest iOS) user.

I made all troubleshooting steps:

  • Disabled any browser extensions I have turned on
  • Updated my browser to the latest version
  • Clear my browser’s history/cache/cookies
  • Tested for the issue in another one of your supported browsers
  • Checked my ability to establish a WebSocket
  • Checked the Asana Trust page to see the current status of our servers

Mobile apps (iPad and iPhone) works.

Desktop not works.

Can you help me to solve it?

Hi @widavski and welcome to the Forum!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue and thank you for taking time to try all those troubleshooting steps.

In order to better understand what might be the issue here would you mind sharing a screenshoot of the error you are getting? Please make sure the include the url.

Can you also confirm which method you are using to log in?

Thank you for your cooperation @widavski! Looking forward to your reply!

Both methods.

Thank you for sharing the screenshot @widavski.

I’m filing a task for the Team to investigate this and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get an update!
I just need to confirm one more thing to you! Are you currently using a VPN?

Thank you!

No, I don’t use VPN.

Hi @widavski, I’m an engineer at Asana. Thanks for reporting the issue you’re experiencing! I’m curious if the log in issue still persists, or were you able to log in and use Asana afterwards?

Hi @Scott_Cheng, I’m now your fan from Poland, it works :wink:

What did you?

Why it doesn’t works?

Will this problem regular?

What should I do if it occur again?


Great to hear! To be honest I’m not totally sure what the root cause was. It could be a temporary server glitch, or network glitch, or something like that. The way it manifests is that the part of the application weren’t loaded correctly, which caused the log in issue.

I’m also curious, in case you tried to log in multiple times, were you hitting this issue consistently every time, or did it only happen sometimes?

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