I cannot load Asana in my browser

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: In either Chrome or Edge on my laptop I cannot load Asana at all. If starts sinning with a broken image telling me it’s loading but it never does,

Steps to reproduce: I have cleared cache, turned off extensions, changed browsers, ensured my browsers are updated, and still cannot connect

Browser version: Chrome/87.0.4280.66

Upload screenshots below:

You can check Asana Status here: https://status.asana.com/

Have you tried other site and found similar problem? Perhaps also check with your ISP they have blocked Asana IP?


Hi @benkimber73!

Adding to what @Leonarce mentioned, can you also check your ability to establish a WebSocket? You can open this connectivity test: https://connectivity-test.asana.com/

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Hi there,

I have the same problem. More info image

Hi @Igor_Delendik, I recommend you trying the steps outlined in this article and if the issue persist, please contact our support team as they are in a better position to give you a tailored answer here!

When you contact them, please share the URL of this thread so you don’t need to send the screenshot once again!

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