How to use a unique template field in another project (sale pipeline > account name)

Hi folks,

We use the sales pipeline template and part of that template has a pre made field title “Account Name”.

The field doesn’t seem to do anything apart from allow text entry. It doesn’t save account names or populate a drop down so you can select account names that have already been entered.

I want to create a dashboard that shows project profitability.

So far, i have tried to make another project and then i wanted to create a rule, where when an account name is entered in sales pipeline. It creates a new section in my ‘profitability’ project.

I’m essentially trying to turn it into a CRM i think.


Are there any templates for tracking project profitability?

Hi @Max_Middleton and thanks for your question :wave:

On the 8th of June, one of the Forum Leaders @Bastien_Siebman is presenting a webinar to use Asana as CRM.


@Bastien_Siebman Could you please add the registration link

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@Bastien_Siebman any tips before the webinar?

Im about to look into hubspot rather than Asana but if you can give me any pointers i.e. are there any third party services recommended in your webinar or recommended templates? I have some time this week to implement thats all so im really keen to get the ball rolling.

Much appreciated


I’ve shared some Asana CRM templates in a Direct Message.

Also, here is the link to register to the webinar : Calendly - Bastien Siebman - Asana Solution Partner @ iDO

Good luck :rocket:

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Hey Bastian! Was the webinar recorded?