Variables for project templates

I would love to see {variables} for project templates! This would allow for automated project creation. The key question here is what would populate those variables. If it were possible to have those variables be read by Zapier, than that question is solved. This would be a massive, massive time saver for our organization. Right now, we have many project templates for different uses, but the problem is that there is always a deep level of customization that has to happen to each template. If those variables could be populated by Zapier, then we could create 100% customized projects from the get-go, based off data in a Google Sheet or, even better, data from AirTable in our client database.

Curious to hear y’alls use cases if there were variables in templates!

Hi @Joel_Lee,

Could you post some specific examples of what data you would populate from variables if you could?


Sure. Just the kinds of things mentioned in the post (data from Google Sheets, or AirTable). More specifically, populating task names with the appropriate client’s name, having different tasks be assigned to the right people automatically (based off data in AirTable for example).

From a big picture standpoint, the goal is to cut down project creation/customization time. If we were to sell a new photo/video project for one of our clients, the first thing we do is create an Asana project. However, if variables existed, we could instantly create a project that is customized perfectly to that client, their name, the tasks they need in their project, and who gets assigned those tasks.

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