Task Template Variables

When creating a new task from a task template, would anyone else find it helpful to be able to put variables in the task and subtask? I find that these repeatable templates have a customer or location that they are applicable to. If the name could include something like %location% then when created, a pop up window would ask for the location, and then it would substitute all the %location% in the tasks and subtasks with whatever was entered. Right now I need to remember to edit manually the main task and subtasks with the specific information.

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Adding onto this, we would love this feature!

Our usecase would be; we have task templates outlining announcements we do and subtasks that feather out to respective projects for social / CRM / web etc… Would love to automate ‘task name’ variable in all subtasks generated and added to those other projects. Ideally when referencing the respective projects i.e. social media calendar you’d read ‘social post [task name]’ instead of just social post.