How to turn an approval into a task

I currently have a form which submits copy requests as an approval for our copy writer. Once he has approved or rejected these requests they are marked as completed, but we need these to turn into uncompleted tasks once they have been approved so they can be worked on - would this be possible?

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Have you tried using rules already? With rules you can set up various conditions and actions such as for example:

More info here:

Hi @Kieran_Crawford ! Were you able to figure out a solution for this?

I’m trying to do essentially the same thing: after our head of design approves an ad task, I’d like it to be converted back into an incomplete task to be assigned to our marketing team.

However, with the rule @Andrea_Mayer shared above, that just marks the approval as incomplete, it doesn’t convert it back into a regular task as well. Wondering if I did something wrong, or if there’s a workaround perhaps.


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