Hi, is there a way to dissociate "Approvals" with "Task complete"?


So I’ve been trying to automate approvals and completions to minimize admin time and I noticed that the system seem to equate “approval” with “completion”. I encountered the problem when I created an approval using a rule (first through Asana but it did not work because it only allows approval on subtasks, so I used Flowsana) and added the mark as complete rule for the last section. I thought I’d just use the “mark as incomplete” in the section between but my workflow ended up looping because once the task is marked complete, the system reads it as approved (and vice versa) so the completed task goes back to the “for publishing” section.

The sections are:

  • “For editing” - where I created the approvals rule

  • “For publishing” - where I created the trigger to move the approved tasks here, and the “mark as incomplete” rule so that reports don’t mark approved tasks as complete until they are published

  • “Published” - where I created the “mark as complete” rule

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome, @K_M,

I’m afraid there’s no way to dissociate completion of the task as a side effect of all of Approve, Request changes, and Reject.

When using the Approval task type, I find it’s best to do so as a subtask of the actual work task for that reason (and then, too, it’s easy to permit multiple approvals):

For a workflow as you described, I suspect right now with current rules functionality and this Approvals task type behavior, you might instead want a single-select custom field to use to designate your phases/approvals and automated based on that.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know that can be done. That’s a good workaround.

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