Am I automating approvals wrong?

I am trying to set a rule that moving a task to a specific project automatically marks the task as an approval.

It looks like the option “add approval” is there in the rules section, but it always just adds a sub-task as an approval. Weird. Am I doing something wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong, this is just that what you are trying to achieve does not exist.

Currently you can’t turn a task into an approval with the native Rules in Asana. You can only add Approval subtasks.

That’s consistent with what we’ve seen being done + the best practices some of us are promoting: because an approval is considered completed even if the answer is “Request changes” then you are better of working with subtasks to avoid the main task being completed when it should not.


@Daniel_Frome you will find that Flowsana allows you to build a workflow that does exactly what you were intending.


Thank you Jerod! FlowSana looks like a great tool. I just wish more of these features were built into the product itself.


Flowsana is a great tool, @Daniel_Frome but also wish certain capabilities were native too Asana. I rely on tools like Flowsana to help extend the automations I’m looking to achieve rather than relying on manual workarounds. You have my vote :ballot_box: on this!

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