Approval Tasks

I tried implementing Approval Tasks into our workflow - but have found them to be a useless feature.

They do not serve any purpose other than a visual indication and they come with a major caveat:

  • Tasks with the stage “changes requested” or “rejected” are considered ‘complete’ hence do not appear in the assignees “My tasks” or cannot be easily filtered by in a project

We are trying to use approvals as part of a standard agile approval process, at the end of a sprint:

  • Turning the Sprint tasks into an approval tasks
  • marking the task as “changes needed” with Feedback in the comments if not approved

I do not see the benefit or difference, over simply using a custom field for the Review stage - as this custom field is needed anyway if we want to filter by the tasks in a project, or have them appear under “my tasks”.

Tasks which were not approved should hence, not be considered complete - as there still is an active to do.

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