Rule mistakes "Approved" or "Changes Requested" as "Task completed"

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I have a rule that moves all Tasks that are marked as completed into the archive section. Lately though, whenever my client puts an approval task to “changes requested” it also puts the task in the archive section.

I also have a rule that as soon as my client “Approves” a task it should turn into a normal task and assign it to me. Lately though it assigns it to me as a new Approval task.

Steps to reproduce:
Set up a rule that moves tasks to a section when they are completed. Turn them into approval tasks. Hit changes requested and it should move.

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Hi @Celina_Degen, thanks for reaching out.

I can confirm that this is actually expected behaviour at the moment and not a bug. We do have an existing request in the #forum-en:product-feedback category if you would like to add your vote to this:

Hi Rebecca,

thats a different problem I think. Seeing that there is a possiblity to set up a rule that goes “If Approval is Changed → move task” there must be an intended difference between the two? What would be the use of being able to set up these rules if “approval change” and “task completed” does the same thing?

That’s indeed the way Approval have always worked: any decision made (Approve, Reject, Request) is considered to be a task completion… So Rules are coherent with this design decision…
That’s the reason why the official best use case for approval is to apply them on subtasks and not the task itself for the reason discussed here.