How to stop multihoming tasks on meeting agenda boards creating duplicate tasks in My Tasks?

I use project boards for creating my weekly team meeting agenda.
Sometimes I will bring forward items (tasks) into the following weeks agenda for an update on it by creating the new weeks agenda (project board) and then adding it as a project.

This is irritating for the person who has been assigned responsibility for this particular item (task) because when I add the projects it becomes a duplicate task in their ‘My Tasks’ tab… How can I get round this?

As soon as you duplicate a project, it makes a copy of all the tasks belonging to the project.

What you could do is saving our project as a template (before adding tasks) so that you have sections and custom fields already sat up when you create a new project. And then you multi-home the tasks that should be in the agenda. Multi-homing doesn’t duplicate a task.

When duplicating a project, you can unselect the “assignee” but I don’t advise you to do that because you’re ending with 2 tasks duplicated for the same action.

Or you can have a look at the project I use with my team, where columns are weeks so that I don’t have to create a new project every week, this is also an idea: 🏆 The Asana coolest projects Award


Your project looks great Julien! Definitely something I will consider for the future…

So what I’m currently doing is not duplicating the whole project board from this week agenda… I am duplicating an ‘unpopulated project’ called Team Meeting Agenda that I keep as a ‘template’ (I don’t use premium so it’s not an official template), I have the Sections on the ‘template’ and but no tasks under the sections so it is not copying any of the tasks from previous agendas… I name this new project with the weeks date. I then go back to the previous weeks project board (agenda and minutes) and any items that I want to follow up on I ‘carry forward’ to this weeks agenda by ‘adding a project’ to it, thus multihoming the task, which works well for unassigned items… the problems occurs when a task as an assignee… once the task has been added to the new agenda (project board), it creates a ‘duplicate’ of that task in the assignees My Tasks tab… which makes their My Tasks list very clutters/not very functional…?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Multi-homing a task should not copy it even if it is assigned to someone.
Would you accept to share screenshots of a task panel and same for the copy?

Hmm… so it shouldn’t. I have just sampled it myself… (it’s a team member’s issue which I am trying to resolve, should have thought of recreating the issue myself!) … this has given me some helpful questions to go back to him with - thank you! I’ll let you know if he comes back with something I can’t figure out!

So here is a screenshot of my team members My Task tab when he has it set to sort by ‘due date’ - you can see that the task ‘book in Jon’ (which doesn’t have a due date) appears again and again…

Ok I think i understand now :+1::grinning:
The later section show the task you have assigned to you sorted per project. So if you multihome a task then it belongs to several project, and in that case it is normal to see it in each project.
If you click on those tasks, and check the URL then is should be always the same.
Could you check ?
When he will complet it then it should disappear from all projects.