How to Set up a Coaching Business

I am just one person and I want to use this to receive some client work, e.g. Word and PowerPoint documents. I will only have a handful at one time and the work won’t recur. Here are my questions:

  1. I can’t understand this “members versus guests” thing. If I have a client for 3 months, then the project is finished and I won’t be working with them again, would that 1 in 15 spot reopen again or is it taken forever and now I am down to 14? If it reopens then not sure it would behoove me to get the premium account as it seems like the unlimited guests is my top reason for the upgrade. That being said, would there be any benefit to me or them to be a member versus guest?

  2. If the answer to question 1 was that the 15 spots would replenish and I have such a small and simple business model (at least for now, since I am just getting it going), are there any other features you think would be worth paying $26/month for?

  3. For getting the files I need from them, what is the difference between my just asking them to upload a PDF or Word doc to a task versus asking them to fill out a form? Is it just uniformity of answers?

  4. In one post, one of the gurus (Minor I believe was his last name) mentioned making a team to act as a folder, then to add multiple projects, which made sense to me, but then in this post, it says that guests could actually see each other, which doesn’t make sense to do for privacy reasons. Can the clients see each other or not?

Also, if I do need to pay for the Premium account, perhaps I am misunderstanding, will I need to pay double (which by the way ends up triple since I am Canadian and the exchange rate is super high right now)?

Hi Suzy, I use Asana for both my coaching and my consultancy business, and am also a Certified AsanaPro. I upgraded to the full business solely because of how much I used the functionality as my consultancy is project management, but the Business offering would be way too much functionality for you. I used to use Premium - and there’s a minimum of 5 users, but there used to be be 50% off for small teams which I think is gone, so maybe its per person (I’d have to check). Im the only one using a ‘seat’ but have hundreds of guests across the many projects. For some consultancy clients I have a team, and then projects under that. Some senior people are within the team, other staff are only within a project - and they can’t see other people’s stuff unless its in the team.
For 1-1 coaching, I create a project for each client and they only have access to that. For Group Masterminds and accountability, they are all within a team, but I keep it to tasks and actions - anything worksheet related that’s confidential ideally shouldn’t be within Asana.


Thank you. It sounds like I should get the Premium level. I guess I will have to think about what would fit under the “Tasks and Actions” category to see if making them learn how to use Asana would be worth it for that alone. I do want to work with one-on-one with people and do workshops for small businesses/teams. Do you think it would be worth it for me for that alone?