"Private user" for collaborators/Assignee


I have a task with several collaborators. one of them is seeing this instead of others names… Any idea why?


Hey @Bastien_Siebman! Sounds like this user is a Guest and the “Private users” he is seeing are also Guests. If you add them all to the same Team (as full Team members), they’ll be able to see each other! :slight_smile:

So Guests don’t see each other on the same tasks?

Yes. Guests can see each other’s names and can interact with each other (tag each other, assign tasks to each other, etc.) only if they are the part of the same project, or the same team. I had a problem with that because I work with a lot of guests, so I created a team and invited all the guests in it, so they could cooperate with each other. The same effect can be achieved by putting them all in the same project, but I couldn’t do that, because I don’t want all of them to have access to all the tasks in the project.

Also, important note - if you add a guest as a collaborator to a task, he is not able to see which project that task belongs to - unless the guest in question is already part of the project.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing.


Thanks a lot that is clearer now! That was awkward when I was naming guests one by one and they only saw “Private User” instead :sweat_smile:

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Was for me, too. I thought that once you add someone as a collaborator, he’ll be able to interact with the other collaborators of the same task - I expected that would remove the security restrictions. No such luck. :slight_smile:

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Users in the tasks I am supposed to do are all indicated as Private Users except for my boss. I am supposed to email one of them for the work instructions; however, I am unable to make a “team chat” with them using the tips I have gathered from another thread. Note that I was not assigned the task, but mentioned in the comment section to work on it together with a private user, and with the help of another private user.

Please help. I have been trying to navigate the site since yesterday.

Hi @Bai_Almira_Faiqah_Si

Could you explain a little bit more about the situation? Do you mean that the task is located in a private project? Or are the other users from a different team? Just trying to understand how this is set up.


Hello, I am not sure, but I think that I am not part of the team but was mentioned to do the task in the comments’ section. The same goes for the other tasks which I was assigned as I am unable to see the people mentioned that I have to collaborate with. They all reflect the same Private User name.

That’s weird, because I’ve never come across a Private User name. My initial thought would be that you should add a comment to the task yourself, explaining the situation, and one of the other users will be able to either contact you directly or invite you to their team/project.

Would you be able to share a screenshot? You can do so in a private message if you don’t want it to be public.


I think this post might offer the solution:


Larry Berger
Trilogi Software: Asana Consulting


Ah, that’s it. I had no idea that was how it worked. Thanks, Larry.

@Bai_Almira_Faiqah_Si, it looks like your boss needs to add you all to the same team or project.


Thank you both! Will inform my boss about it.

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Using Chrome web browser, often I’m assigned to a task with other users who must to be seen with their full name, but are seen as Privet Users.


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Hi @Marko_Vidacic and thanks for reaching out! This is actually not a Bug but a permission issue. This “Private User” and yourself are Guest users of the Teal in which this project is nested; in order to be able to see each other, you must a full member of at least one project or team together.

We already have a thread on this topic so Iv’e gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread. I advise you to take a look at this post in particular. Hope this helps!



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Is this still the case? I just got a report from one of our “Guests” that they can no longer see the names of other Guest users in the same project.

All of the “Guest” users are added as Members of the same Project (with “Can comment” permission on one project, and “Can edit” permission on another project). Yet, they are only seeing Private Users for other Guests on the Projects that they’ve been added to. They can still see the regular Organization users names… but not other Guests names/photo.

I don’t think this is how it used to be… as this user recently brought this up to me.

I am describing the situation accurately in Who sees whom, a guide to guest visibility with Batman & Robin
If things changed, my post is not up to date anymore!

our users are project members and they are quests - 2 days ago they were able to see each other but not they see only Private users. I belive we have the same issue as FreshJon

:thinking: something is going on then. @moderators can someone confirm if this is intentional or a bug?

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