How to set task status flow?

For example case:
When working in the Asana task manager, users on mobile devices accidentally close tasks that are not completed. Because of this, some of the work is not done regularly.

How can I set the task flow that if task is not in status “completed” you can’t close it?

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So you have a custom field with a status drop-down? Or do you have a section called completed?

Either way, you can set up rules for this.

For example if a task is in the section “In Progress” and then marked as complete. Which will then trigger a rule to open the task again.

Does this help or is there anything else you want to set up?

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@Andrea_Mayer Thank you,

So if the user clicks to complete the task when it’s in a status other than “completed” will the rule reopen the task? Is there a way to make a rule such as “if task is not in the status “completed” it cannot be close”? For example button "complete the task is inactive.

By status in your case do you refer to sections or a custom field drop-down?

Here is an example of how you can set it up if you have status names in sections

The rule can reopen the task, you can add a comment, move the task, etc

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I mean the field in the task
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@Andrea_Mayer also, can you please assist me with the API docs.
How can I set the rule as you have described above via API request?

Also, what trigger should I add between “task marked complete” and “mark task incomplete”? I don’t see there no option to add status field like “status is not completed” or “status is in progress”

thank you in advance!

I am no developer so cannot assist further in regards to the API, somebody else would have to jump in here.
However here is the link to the docs: Asana

You either have to work with sections that you set up such as “To Do”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, etc
or you add a custom field with drop down options

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Hi @Александра_Авдиенко, rules are not in the API yet. We plan to add them in the future.